Getting your furnace ready for fall and winter can be a painless ten minutes before the weather gets too cold. Unfortunately, we can forget about our trusty furnace and find ourselves in a very chilly house one morning when the thermometer drops outside.

We are a furnace repair company that wants to help you before disaster strikes. So today, we are going to step through a few quick steps, before the temperature drops.

Step 1 – Check The Filter

furnace repair calgaryYour furnace is very dependent on having a good air filter to filter the dust out of the air. So take a few moments and change your air filter before the cold weather strikes. Actually, you should be checking your filter once every month to two months.

A really good hint is to take your current air filter to your local hardware store, just to make sure you get the right size.

This point cannot be stressed enough. We find more issues with furnaces that have worn out filters. It can literally shut down your furnace!

Step 2 – Check your Thermostat

furnace repair calgaryThe next place to double check is your home’s thermostat. Many of the programmable types are battery run and the batteries really should be replaced at the beginning of the winter season. Otherwise, you could wake up to a very chilly house one morning.

It’s really easy to change the batteries and they do wear out after about a year’s worth of use. If they do wear out when you are not home or are sleeping, the furnace will not come on.

So when you are picking up the air filter for your furnace, also pick up the right batteries for your furnace too.

Step 3 – Try Running The Furnace

furnace repair calgaryA lot can happen over the summer months and if you’ve replaced the filter and the batteries in your thermostat (it it has them), then it’s time just to turn it on.

Give it a few minutes and see if your furnace starts to blow out heat from the heating vents. If so, we are ready for step 4.

Step 4 – Checking all Rooms for Air Flow

This final step will just ensure that there is warm air flow into all the rooms of your home. There are a lot of times when a vent can get covered or closed and we don’t realize it again until it’s too late. It is not normally a major issue, but it’s good to find out during the day and not at 3am in the morning.

So go room to room and ensure that warm air is flowing from heat vents and the return air duct vents are not covered.

Again, many times, you need the negative air pressure created by the return air vents to ensure warm air can be pushed into a room.


If all went well, then congratulations, you should be ready for winter in regards to your home’s furnace.

If you do find that something isn’t right then don’t be afraid to give our helpful staff a call to see if we can get you up and running quickly!